Pre-Sale (40%): Early investors have the incredible opportunity to purchase tokens prior to the public sale and earn a profit by supporting the project from its inception. This will allow them to raise the necessary funds to inject liquidity into the market and diligently develop the project. the project.

Liquidity Pool (25%): This allocation is intended to provide liquidity on decentralized exchanges. A significant portion of the token supply is reserved for the liquidity pool to enhance the to the liquidity pool to improve trading opportunities, reduce price volatility and to improve trading opportunities, reduce price volatility and ensure sufficient ensure sufficient liquidity for investors and users.

DAO Treasury (25%): We value the community highly, as reflected in this specially earmarked allocation until the DAO envisioned in the roadmap is formed. The Teckel team will develop general operating rules, the DAO Constitution, after which the community will vote on the initiatives submitted and decide the future of the project. These tokens will be sent to a specially created address and will not be available until the DAO is operational (Q3 2024).

Marketing (6%): This allocation is intended to finance marketing strategies that will amplify the impact and repercussion of the project. In addition to contests and sweepstakes, the Ambassadors Program will be implemented.

Airdrop (2%): tokens will be given to all those who interact with the special publications by placing their handle in the comments.

Team (2%): the team reserves a smaller percentage of tokens in recognition of the effort made and commits to keep it from the date of the public sale for two years. for a period of two years.