– Creating the Teckel Community in Kadena
– Giveaways, Contests and Airdrop
– Launch of the official Telegram account
– Presentation of the Litepaper
– Launch of the official website
– Announcement and information about the presale.

The initial phase of the Teckel Project roadmap focuses on fostering a participatory community and sharing information of interest. We will use various communication channels, implement smart marketing strategies, create educational content, and organize exciting reward and participation programs. Our main goal is to establish a solid base of well-informed and enthusiastic followers who believe in the vision of the Teckel Project.

The presale is dedicated to granting special benefits to early investors, those who bet on the Teckel Project at an early stage, who will be able to access $TECKEL tokens before the public release and will have the opportunity to obtain an NFT that will allow them to participate in one of the DAOs. These special NFTs will grant the buyer the category of TECKEL OG, who will have very important functions on the governance of the project and will access special benefits.

Tokens will be distributed fairly and avoiding excessive concentration in a limited number of wallets. Our main goal is to foster a solid community and create a prosperous and equitable ecosystem for all participants.

The success of projects is largely attributed to the valuable alliances and strategic collaborations that are established. These alliances have played a crucial role in the achievements of large projects. Going forward, we are committed to strengthening our relationships with the Kadena community and fostering collaborations with projects, both large and small. Together we can unlock new possibilities and contribute to the continuous advancement of Kadena as a leading blockchain platform.

- Discussion about the operation of the DAOs.
Elaboration of general rules and Constitution.
Launch in eckoDAO.

We firmly believe that the Teckel project is designed to be a community-driven effort. That is precisely why in our teckelnomics we assign only 5% to the founding team, while the 25% of the most significant allocations will go to the DAO Treasury. After studying the governance models of other projects, we recognize the importance of establishing a solid foundation during the initial stage. This includes defining the constitution, forming the community, and establishing fundamental operational principles. Therefore, our first discussions and voting processes will focus on these fundamental aspects, ensuring that the project is built on a solid framework that aligns with the values and aspirations of the Teckel community.

An important goal of the Teckel Project will be to create a bridge between Kadena and Cardano that allows them to migrate their tokens from one chain to another.

Bridge Kadena-Cardano

– Presale

– Token Distribution

Announcement of alliances and launch of the NFT collection